Following police raid and protests, Tbilisi's Bassiani says it faces threat of closure

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  • A donation fund for the nightclub, which has been closed since last weekend's raids, has been set up for "a legal battle and stop the state oppression."
  • Following police raid and protests, Tbilisi's Bassiani says it faces threat of closure image
  • Tbilisi's Bassiani says it is "facing a threat of closing down" following last weekend's police raids on the nightclub. Bassiani has remained closed since the May 12th raids, which, along with the closure of Cafe Gallery, sparked a protest rave outside Parliament Of Georgia and saw the country's Minister Of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia, issue an apology and promise to change Georgia's strict drug policies. "Despite the negotiations, none of the agreed conditions have been fulfilled," the club said in a Facebook statement on Saturday night. The club is still closed and we have already met the first Friday without Bassiani." The statement continues: "Behind the Bassiani helmet stands an angry warrior, who fights for the new ideas and who won't back down from the struggle for freedom. We won't stop and will continue to fight against the unjust system and inequality. Thank you very much for your unconditional love and support. In this war for ideas and values our only hope is our truth and people, who have always stood with us." The club has also set up a donation fund, with money going towards "a legal battle and stop the state oppression." The armed raids had been part of the government's response to five drug deaths over the past two weeks, which the authorities claim are linked to Bassiani. Read the full statement. Georgia maintains strict zero-tolerance drug policies. Random drug tests by police are common, and small amounts of recreational drugs can land people in prison for years. Tbilisi's clubs are at the forefront of a movement to change the country's drug laws, especially Bassiani, which has close ties to the activist group White Noise.
    Resident Advisor has worked with Bassiani on several events, including our In Residence series and our upcoming 24/7 events.