Bastl Instruments launches two new Eurorack modules

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  • A waveshaper and MIDI-to-CV convertor are showing at Superbooth in Berlin.
  • Bastl Instruments launches two new Eurorack modules image
  • Bastl Instruments announced two new Eurorack modules at Superbooth. Timber is a waveshaper module that adds harmonics and overdrive to any audio source, be it a synth, drum machine or sample. Building upon the classic Serge design, Timber contains two distinct waveshaping circuits. Users can morph between the different tones using a voltage-controlled crossfader. You can preorder Timber now for 170 Euro. It ships in July. The second new product is a polyphonic MIDI-to-CV interface called 1983 (the year the protocol was standardised). Its four CV and gate output channels can listen to the pitch of an incoming oscillator and get the other outputs in tune, which should be appealing to modular users wanting to build stable polyphonic patches. Update and Window inputs allow you to change the voice allocation, plus there are controls for transpose and glide. 1983 will be available in September 2018 for 250 Euro. Watch a demo of Timber.