Gideön is taking over Soho Radio for a marathon protest party when Donald Trump visits the UK

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  • Come down to the central London radio station on Friday, July 13th for a day of DJs and demonstrations.
  • Gideön is taking over Soho Radio for a marathon protest party when Donald Trump visits the UK image
  • Gideön is throwing a marathon protest party at Soho Radio the day Donald Trump is set to visit the UK. Gideön Berger, one-half of creative partnership duo Block9 and host of SohoJams on Soho Radio, has invited the public to "come together in protest" on Friday, July 13th for a day of DJs and demonstrations. Past SohoJams guests, including Midland, Seth Troxler, Hannah Holland, Jackmaster and Prosumer, will be playing records in the central London studio. Gideön spoke to Resident Advisor about the spark that inspired this party: "When Theresa May invited Trump to London, I just was fucking delighted. I thought, this was brilliant. This is an opportunity to bring together everybody who wants to kick the Tories out, everybody wants to show Trump is not welcome in our beautiful city with his bullshit nationalist rhetoric, and everybody who is mortified at being railroaded into the terrible, terrible fucking mistake that is Brexit." Soho Radio, founded by Adrian Meehan, will serve as a meeting point for those who want to head down to the main demonstrations. DJs will start at midday and play till midnight, and Gideön hopes to be able to take the party to the protest. "We are trying for a mobile soundsystem on wheels outside the radio, and we will congregate [at the station], drink some booze, have some fun, and generally get in the mood." Then, by broadcasting the radio to a receiver on the system, "take everyone who's met at the radio down to the main demo and ... tell Trump he's not welcome here." While the event listing says, "Bring banners, loud hailers, soundsystems and everything you need to kickstart the revolution," Gideön takes care to say that the only riotous thing about the day should be the music. "I'm not advocating violent riots, but I am advocating massive [political] change." He adds, "All the best parties I've experienced in my life have not just been empty, vacuous, hedonistic affairs for their own sake; they've been parties with a cause, with a message, for a reason." Gideön also speaks of the importance of having a platform (he says Soho Radio has about 4.5 million listens a year) and using it productively. "I really feel that if you are in a position of influence in society, it's your responsibility to do good. It's my life's work to do the 'carrot and stick' thing with parties and protest, to bolt causes onto music and clubbing and underground gay club culture." Gideön says this helps inspire people "who might otherwise just be coasting along" to engage with the "important issues and injustices that need everyone's help. I want to inspire people to become more politically active. Our world needs us." Read our recent feature about Banksy's Walled Off Hotel, which Gideön worked on with Block9, in Bethlehem.
    Update: Gideön has revealed the back-to-back sets and set times for the Friday the 13th protest. Photo credits: Martin Perry, Adrian Meehan Due to the sensitive nature of this story, the comments on this news piece are locked. For more information, please refer to our community guidelines.