Detroit producer MGUN reveals new album, Axiom

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  • It's his second LP for Don't Be Afraid.
  • Detroit producer MGUN reveals new album, Axiom image
  • MGUN has a new album on the way. The Detroit producer, real name Manuel Gonzales, is back on Don't Be Afraid for the new LP. The label says his second full-length was made in "more auspicious and domestic circumstances... firmly a father and a homeowner." DBA adds that the album is focused on the dance floor, while retaining the grittiness of Gonzales's first album, Gentium, as well his previous EPs for the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, Wild Oats and FIT Sound. The 12-track LP was recorded between shifts at Peoples Records, where Gonzales "absorbs endless releases and rediscoveries passing through the stock, trading the occasional tip with some of Detroit's best known producers." Check out our Breaking Through feature on MGUN, published in 2013. For more information, head over to DBA's Bandcamp page.
    Tracklist 01. You Inside Me 02. K Art W Heel 03. Nichrome 04. Sil 05. See It For Myself 06. She Finna Blow 07. 359 08. Hole 09. Your Never Home 10. Vap 11. Cancel 12. Sift Don't Be Afraid will release Axiom on June 1st, 2018.