Cygnus returns with new EP for Barba Records

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  • Ne0 Ge0 will be the Texas-based electro producer's first solo release since his 2016 LP Cosmos.
  • Cygnus returns with new EP for Barba Records image
  • A new EP from Cygnus, titled Ne0 Ge0, is coming soon from Barba Records. It'll be Phillip Washington's first solo release as Cygnus since his well-praised 2016 album Cosmos for Fundamental Records. The Texas-based purveyor of soulful electro produced four cuts for the EP, including the vocoder-augmented title track, which first appeared a few months ago on a digital compilation from Houston crew Defunkt's new label. The record will also be the first for Washington on Barba, an offshoot of Zagreb imprint Burek that's featured DJ Stingray, Alex Cortex and, earlier this month, FBK. Listen to a full stream for Ne0 Ge0.
    Tracklist A1 Zone Shifting A2 Vertexing B1 Ne0 Ge0 B2 Astronoot Barba Records will release Ne0 Ge0 on May 21st, 2018.