Varg and AnnaMelina reveal first record as FLORA, Impatience

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  • The Stockholm artists will self-release a single in May.
  • Varg and AnnaMelina reveal first record as FLORA, Impatience image
  • Varg and AnnaMelina have detailed their first collaborative record under the name FLORA. Impatience is a two-track release that the Stockholm duo will put out themselves on 7-inch vinyl and digital formats in late May. To celebrate its release, they'll perform together at Berlin venue Monom's 4DSOUND space on May 17th and May 18th, where fellow Swede Oli XL is also billed. The single follows a few collaborations between the two artists over the past year. AnnaMelina sang on a cut from Varg's album Gore-Tex City, issued through the Northern Electronics label Varg helps run, and they also performed together at Berlin Atonal. Their first production as FLORA, "Spira," appeared on the recent Posh Isolation compilation I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You. Varg also just released an album from another collaborative project called The Empire Line. To go with today's announcement, the pair have shared a music video for "Impatience" that was shot in northern Sweden.
    Tracklist A Impatience B Vallmo FLORA will self-release Impatience on May 25th, 2018. Photo credit: Amanda Chidli