Ceephax reveals new album, Camelot Arcade

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  • Belgian label WéMè Records will put out the triple LP in April.
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  • Ceephax, AKA Ceephax Acid Crew, has a new album called Camelot Arcade on the way. It's not the first time Ceephax, real name Andy Jenkinson, has referenced King Arthur's court. Over the years, he's put out tracks called "Camelot Jostle," "Camelot Pollution," "Camelot Chronicles," "Camelot Fossil," "Camelot Science" and "Camelot Selector." "Camelot Escalator" is the lone track to follow that naming convention on his new LP, his first vinyl full-length since 2013. It'll come via WéMè Records, a Belgian label that's been working with Jenkinson for over a decade, most recently on two 2017 12-inches, Byron's Ballads and Acid Fourniture. Listen to Camelot Arcade track "Life Started Tomorrow."
    Tracklist 01. Trusthouse Forte 02. Camelot Escalator 03. Life Started Tomorrow 04. Shadowphax (Part 1) 05. Creon Happy 06. Path To The None 07. Phraxby 08. Hovagen 09. The Green Night 10. Wasteline 389 11. The Great Greatsby 12. Shadowphax (Part 2) 13. Yodecahedron WéMè Records will release Camelot Arcade on April 2nd, 2018.