Elysia Crampton announces new self-titled album

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    Fri, 9 Mar 2018, 18:18
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  • For her fourth LP, the experimental producer draws on the Andean music of Peru and Bolivia.
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  • A self-titled Elysia Crampton album will come out on Break World Records in April. Crampton's fourth LP combines elements of Andean traditional music with "metal, psychedelic and jazz fusion," the label says. The Bolivian-American experimental producer often references her musical and cultural heritage, and she frames this project within the legacy of the Aymara people, indigenous to South America's Altiplano regions. According to the label, she highlights the ways in which Aymara music became "the definitive sound of so-called world music today," while also "shaping other globalized genres like new age." The album is a follow-up to Spots Y Escupitajo from last year and Demon City from 2016. Crampton will also start touring with a new live audiovisual performance called Red Clouds, which combines elements of theater, poetry and live electronics. The show's premiere is set for Rewire in Den Haag on April 7th, after which Crampton will tour through Western Europe until June. Read RA's review of her show in San Francisco last month here. Listen to clips of Elysia Crampton over at Bleep. Tracklist 01. Nativity 02. Solilunita 03. Oscollo 04. Pachuyma 05. Orion Song 06. Moscow (Mariposa Voladora) Breaking World Records will release Elysia Crampton on April 27th.