Börft Records announces Dance Classics EP series of rare '90s tracks

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  • The Swedish label will repress and remaster tunes from its back catalogue.
  • Börft Records announces Dance Classics EP series of rare '90s tracks image
  • Börft Dance Classics Vol. 1 will hit the shelves in April. The first volume of the new compilation series remasters tracks that the label released between 1996 and 1998, gathering cuts from records that go for high prices 20 years later. This one includes tracks from the Christian Topac aliases Pher and Crinan, as well as from Ü and Dan Fun. (Crinan's Bebopalola, the 1998 12-inch on which Dance Classics track "Killimanjaro" was originally released, has gone for $250 on Discogs.) Resident Advisor spoke with Börft founder Jan Svensson (of Frak and Villa Åbo), who says that Börft vinyl didn't sell very well initially. "Actually, our distributor at the time (UK, around 1998-1999) stopped working with us due to poor sales," Svensson explains. "I had two choices: to melt the unsold records for a penny or just pay the horrible shipping cost to transport them back to Sweden... Then after that, one EP after another became popular and I was the only one who had them in stock... Nowadays almost every release from that time is a gem." Svensson says that Börft has turned down offers from other labels to reissue records from its back catalogue. "Now the time has come to show respect to our fans," he adds, "There will not be any re-releases, [but instead], compilations with some of our most interesting dance releases." Listen to clips from Börft Dance Classics Vol. 1.
    Tracklist A1 Pher - Tja Boo A2 Dan Fun - DFSS1 B1 Crinana - Killimanjaro B2 Ü - Smooth Lover Börft will release Börft Dance Classics Vol. 1 in April 2018.
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