Downwards announces album from Ora Iso

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  • Image Certifies is out in late April.
  • Downwards announces album from Ora Iso image
  • The next record in the pipeline for Regis's Downwards label is an album called Image Certifies from the darkwave and experimental duo Ora Iso. Image Certifies is the Downwards debut for Ora Iso, who formed in 2011 after Kathleen Malay, an Australian-raised native of Indonesia, moved to New York and met Jason Kudo. We're told the two "immediately formed a symbiotic musical bond, mutually feeding off of each other's defects and general disenfranchisement with the world at large." With Malay now living in Jakarta, and Kudo in New Hampshire, the new LP is described as both "their parting gift to New York City" and "a love letter to a society dying of its own self-induced cancers." Ora Iso first appeared with a self-titled CD-R in 2012, two years before Brooklyn's Ba Da Bing! label put out their first proper album, Bathcat, in 2014. Following Image Certifies' late-April release, the pair plan to link up for some summer touring in Europe and Indonesia. Watch a music video, directed by Malay, for album track "Dead Riot."
    Tracklist 01. No Fish 02. Deep Fix 03. Dead Riot 04. Keep Your Boots On 05. Pour It On Me 06. Digital Crutch 07. From the Hallway To The Door 08. Skipped and Completed 09. Have I Gone Too Far? 10. Pleasure Bites Downwards will release Image Certifies on April 27th, 2018.