Amsterdam elects new night mayor, Shamiro van der Geld

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  • He'll take over from Mirik Milan later this year.
  • Amsterdam elects new night mayor, Shamiro van der Geld image
  • The city of Amsterdam has selected a new night mayor. Shamiro van der Geld will take the reins from Mirik Milan, who served for six years—two terms—as Amsterdam's night mayor. van der Geld was chosen from a shortlist of six finalists, and his new position was announced on Saturday night. He'll be night mayor for a term of three years, from 2018 through 2020. This new night mayor has been a fixture in Amsterdam's culture scene for over five years, hosting radio and TV shows, as well as working as an actor, performer, writer and dancer. He's also involved with the city's Vunzige Deuntjes festival. Part of van der Geld's platform revolves around making nightlife culture and the electronic music scene in Amsterdam more diverse, with the goal of making the city's nightlife more approachable and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. The night mayor of Amsterdam acts as a representative for the city's nightlife scene, liaising between the entertainment industry and the mayor and city council. Mirik Milan, who held the title previously, helped bring 24-hour licenses to Amsterdam along with hosting several international summits on nightlife, entertainment and culture.