Moog announces $35,000 modular synthesiser

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    Fri, 16 Feb 2018, 10:15
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  • The IIIP is being released in a run of just 25 units.
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  • Moog is releasing a limited edition remake of its IIIP modular synthesiser. The original IIIP dates back to the late '60s, when analogue synthesisers were unpredictable machines susceptible to heat instability, drifting pitch and imperfect waveforms, creating a lively, organic sound. The new hand-wired, 100% discrete system was created using original schematics, with only 25 synths made. It includes three cabinets housing 36 modules, many of which aren't found in other Moog systems, including 10 901-series oscillators, a 905 Spring Reverb module, four CP3 mixers and a 984 four-channel Matrix Mixer. There's also a host of classic Moog modules like the 904A and 904B low- and high-pass filters, a 912 envelope follower, 911A dual trigger delay and more besides. It's currently available to order for $35,000—that's more than $100,000 cheaper than Moog's Emerson Modular System. The IIIP is Moog's second product of 2018, following the recently announced DFAM percussion synthesiser.