Melodies International announces Bobby Wright reissue

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  • The New York musician recorded Blood Of An American in 1974 after a bandmate was killed in the Vietnam War.
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  • The ninth Melodies International release is a reissue of Bobby Wright's sought-after 1974 7-inch, Blood Of An American. Wright, who now goes by Abu Talib, worked as a construction worker and cab driver while moonlighting as a bandleader in New York City. After his band was torn apart by the Vietnam War—two members were drafted, one of whom was killed in action—he recorded two songs with the only remaining member, his bassist. The label says "he self-released the record in 1974, one which holds its own alongside the all-time greats." The Melodies version will come with a 16-page "Melozine" featuring words from Talib, social studies professor Paul Rekret and UK politician Jeremy Corbyn, among others. The label, run by Floating Points, DJ Love On The Run, Elliot Bernard and recent RA podcaster Mafalda, has reissued music from the likes of Tomorrow's People and Aged In Harmony over the past couple of years. Listen to clips at the Melodies International website.
    Tracklist A Blood Of An American B Everyone Should Have His Day Melodies International will release Blood Of An American on March 9th, 2018.