Radikal Technologies announces new semi-modular synthesiser

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  • The Delta Cep A aims to be "the perfect starting point" for Eurorack modular users.
  • Radikal Technologies announces new semi-modular synthesiser image
  • Radikal Technologies has revealed a new semi-modular synthesiser, the Delta Cep A. Jörg Schaaf's company bills the Delta Cep A as "the perfect starting point into the Eurorack modular world," providing new users with a full-featured but easy-to-use design. Sounds can be generated without patching, while an Interpolator allows you to save, recall and crossfade between patches. The architecture is paraphonic with up to four voices, centring on a voltage-controlled swarm oscillator containing eight mini oscillators that can be pitched into chords or detuned into dense tones. There's both an analogue low-pass and a digital multimode filter in addition to an ADSR, FX section, VCA and MIDI-to-CV converter. It can be mounted into Eurorack cases or a desktop rack. Watch a demo of the Delta Cep A.
    Radikal Technologies will release the Delta Cep A in June 2018 for $999.