Doepfer introduces new compact analogue synth, Dark Energy III

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  • The synth that helped popularise semi-modular desktop designs returns with new hackable features.
  • Doepfer introduces new compact analogue synth, Dark Energy III image
  • Doepfer is releasing a new synthesiser called Dark Energy III. The original Dark Energy, released back in 2009 with a compact, semi-modular, analogue design, helped pave the way for today's modular and analogue-obsessed market, offering features from Eurorack synthesisers to a cost- and space-conscious consumer. The new offering is also monophonic but the VCO has a wider frequency range and an additional waveform, while the LFO gains a reset input. The circuit board has been tweaked to allow circuit benders to customise the internal circuitry, supplying outputs for the VCO, VCF and LFO in addition to linear frequency modulation, hard and soft sync and a set of envelope controls. The 12dB Multimode VCF is unchanged and can be frequency modulated by the ADSR envelope or an LFO. The synth also comes with a USB/MIDI interface. There's currently no word on price or release date but the previous Dark Energy retails for around €429.