Arturia reveals new MiniBrute 2S synthesiser

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  • It replaces the keys of the MiniBrute 2 with a sequencer.
  • Arturia reveals new MiniBrute 2S synthesiser image
  • Arturia has a new synthesiser, the MiniBrute 2S. The new product shares much in common with the MiniBrute 2, which was announced yesterday. Instead of a keybed, the 2S has performance pads and a sequencer with real-time recording and space for 64 chainable patterns. The sequencer has various sequence types—namely LFO, envelope, gate, control voltage and pitch, and each sequence can have its own individual length. Apart from the sequencer, the 2S has the same architecture as the MiniBrute 2, mixing two oscillators, a Steiner Parker filter and a waveform mixer with a 48-point patch bay, two LFOs and the Brute Factor feedback circuit.
    The Arturia MiniBrute 2S is available from March 2018 for $649.