Creative Footprint to undertake study evaluating the health of New York nightlife

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  • Using data from Resident Advisor, the nonprofit hopes to influence New York's new nightlife initiative.
  • Creative Footprint to undertake study evaluating the health of New York nightlife image
  • Creative Footprint will undertake a study of New York's music scene, which they plan to use to advise the city's new office of nightlife. The Creative Footprint studies the health and vitality of a city's music scene using three indices—space, content and framework conditions. Their studies are largely data based, with numbers from a variety of sources, including proprietary statistics from Resident Advisor. The initiative rates a given city's footprint out of ten (for example, Berlin was awarded an 8.2), and offers findings with the aim of helping governments and regulators assess and improve their music scenes. The organization has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their New York City action plan. The funds are in place for the actual measuring, but Creative Footprint also plan to put on a conference called NightCamp in March of next year. Their idea for the conference is to disseminate useful data and information that could be used to influence the agenda of New York's newly minted office of nightlife. New York City passed a bill to create the new nightlife office this past summer, which will feature a nightlife director similar to the night mayor or night czar of other major cities. Creative Footprint itself was founded by two these figures—Amsterdam's night mayor Mirik Milan, and Lutz Leichsenring, from the board of Berlin's Clubcommission. For more on Creative Footprint's New York campaign, check out their Kickstarter.