Fundamental Records reveals 11-disc, 76 track vinyl box set

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  • The Hacker, Cygnus, The Exaltics and other electro-leaning acts contribute to the collection.
  • Fundamental Records reveals 11-disc, 76 track vinyl box set image
  • Madrid-based electro label Fundamental Records next month will release the fifth entry in its Time Capsule, or 808 Box, series of vinyl box sets focused on the sound of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. 808 Box - 5th Anniversary is even more expansive than its predecessors, which each packed eight or nine records together. This one features 11 slabs of wax—ten 12-inches and one 7-inch—held in a red wooden box, and it's limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. The compilation's 76 tracks, making for around five and a half total hours of music, come from artists like The Hacker, The Exaltics, D'Arcangelo, Max Durante, Umwelt, Plant43, Cygnus, VC-118A and the late Microlith, along with Wisp and Fundamental head Alek Stark. Those last two are credited with tracks on the 7-inch that pay tribute to Ikutaro Kakehashi, the pioneering founder of Roland, who died earlier this year. Listen to samples for the entire set.
    Tracklist Record 1 ?A1 Kan3da - ARP-Scan? ?A2 Kan3da - Retrospect? ?A3 Kan3da - Mueller Complex? ?A4 Federico Leocata - Journey To The Unknown? ?A5 Composite Profuse - NS-77V? ?B1 Heinrich Dressel - The Other Way ? ?B2 Someplace Dark - I'm Not Like You? ?B3 Kind Human Being - Project Relay? ?B4 Noamm - Invisible? ?B5 Noise&Noise? - Synthetic Biology? ?Record 2 A?1 Johan Inkinen - Kvastekulla Wanderer? ?A2 Franck Kartell - Voyager I? ?A3 Franck Kartell - Voyager II? ?A4 Penelope Martin - QV100? ?A5 Victoria Lukas? - Cosmic Junkies Theme? ?B1 Depressor - Sadness? ?B2 P?lant43 - Ice Giant Transmission? ?B3 M?auro Nakimi - Lektramind? ?Record 3 ?A1 VC-118A - Horizon? A2 ?Scape One - At The Place To Be? ?A3 Bass Junkie - Do Androids Dream Of Electro Beats?? ?B1 Volfwram & Inkinen - Blad?l?öparn (Jam Session Live 2008)? ?B2 Raim - Spontaneous Human Explosion? ?B3 Microlith - Analog Army? Record 4 ?A1 Microlith - Untitled 79 (Ambient Mix1)? ?A2 Mutex - 101 Miles Apart? ?A3 Naqara - Yui? ?A4 Microlith - Untitled 82 6? ?A5 Foreign Sequence - Polysequential? ?B1 Foreign Sequence - Lunar Distance? ?B2 Shinra - Orbit? ?B3 Foreign Sequence - Sinusoidal Lovers? ?Record 5 ?A1 Cygnus - ATF? ?A2 Faceless Mind - Logic Dog? ?A3 Cygnus - Androm? ?A4 Cygnus - Robosexuality - (FAH Rmx)? ?B1 MAT101 - Questions? ?B2 Obsolete Robotics - Black Phantom? ?B3 Faceless Mind - Alperna? ?Record 6 ?A1 Das Muster - Entscheidungsmatrix? ?A2 Obergman - Unknown Cavity? ?A3 Holtz - 42? ?A4 Koova - Gorfian Robots Attack? ?B1 Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen - I Am Autobach? ?B2 Faceless Mind - Blacksmith? ?B3 Friedrich Krause - Theorie Des Rechtes? ?B4 Noise&Noise - Big Rip? ?Record 7 ?A1 Metacomplex - Memory Host? ?A2 Dibu - Z - Raumzeitalter? ?A3 Vertical Dimension - Pun 3v? ?B1 Kan3da - Loop Larynx? B?2 Patronen - 01-Recording? ?B3 Johan Inkinen - High Tech Navigation? ?Record 8 ?A1 The Hacker - Pure Energy (Part 2)? ?A2 Darren J Horgan - Enter the Realm? ?A3 Digitek - Magic Carpet? ?B1 Dvs Nme - Polyandrium? ?B2 Di'jital - DreamInception? ?B3 Kind Human Being - Electric Infinite? ?B4 Noise&Noise - Big Chill? ?Record 9 ?A1 Electro Punisher AKA Max Durante? - The System? ?A2 Teslasonic - Escalex? ?A3 Kerg - Slacker? ?B1 Kitbuilders - Clarity? ?B2 Bolz Bolz? - The Ultimate (Otherness)? ?B3 Negocius Man - Interconducta? Record 10? ?A1 Cygnus - DTX? ?A2 Umwelt - Basic Variation? ?A3 The Exaltics - My Point Of View? ?A4 Hermes 3 - Pro Loco Et Tempore? ?B1 Vema-Diodes - Mechanic System? ?B2 D'Arcangelo? - Asset 5? ?B3 Noise&Noise - Nonlinear? ?B4 Andrea Benedetti? - Last warning? Extra Record - Ikutaro Kakehashi Tribute A Wisp - Ikutaro B Alek Stark - Rhythm Composer Fundamental Records will release 808 Box - 5th Anniversary on December 20th, 2017.