Twisted Electrons is releasing a new hardware sequencer

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  • The crazy8beats can sequence modular gear, drum machines and more.
  • Twisted Electrons is releasing a new hardware sequencer image
  • Twisted Electrons will release a new hardware sequencer next year. Despite its small size, the crazy8beats features two MIDI outputs, eight triggers and eight CV outs, which means it can sequence modular synths, drum machines, DAWs and much else. CV and MIDI CC messages can be modulated on a per-step basis, which gives you greater control over the expressivity of your sequences. Probability can be used to generate extra variety in a pattern. If you want to make polyrhythms, each track can be set to different lengths and swing settings. Beats can be played in live or with a step-sequencer, while larger structures are built by linking multiple patterns into chains. It can also send and receive clock via MIDI or trigger. There's currently no official release date or price for the crazy8beats but it's expected to ship before the Superbooth conference in May 2018. The price is likely to be similar to its predecessor, the Crazy8, which sells for €255.