Shed re-releases first two albums, Shedding The Past and The Traveller

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  • Both LPs will get new life on René Pawlowitz's own label The Final Experiment.
  • Shed re-releases first two albums, Shedding The Past and The Traveller image
  • René Pawlowitz is re-releasing his first two Shed albums, 2008's Shedding The Past and 2010's The Traveller, on vinyl at the end of the month. The two LPs from Pawlowitz's most prominent production alias, each initially released through Ostgut Ton, drew widespread acclaim when they came out—in RA's annual top albums polls, we rated Shedding The Past #1 for 2008, and two years later The Traveller grabbed the #3 spot. Pawlowitz is now giving them new life through his own label, The Final Experiment, following on from a digital re-release last year. Both LPs are being remastered, re-pressed on heavyweight vinyl and put in a sleeve with the slightly modified cover artwork seen on the 2016 digital versions. The new edition of Shedding The Past brings together all 12 tunes that had been split between the original CD and wax releases, which had separate tracklists with format-specific exclusive material. Listen to Shedding The Past track "Slow Motion Replay."
    And revisit "Atmo - Action" from The Traveller.
    Tracklist Shedding The Past A1 Intro A2 Boose-Sweep A3 Another Wedged Chicken A4 Flat Axe B1 The Lower Upside Down B2 Slow Motion Replay B3 Ostrich-Mountain-Square C1 Waved Mind C2 That Beats Everything! C3 ITHAW D1 Estrange D2 Sweep Dreams The Traveller A1 STP 2 A2 Keep Time A3 The Bot B1 Atmo - Action B2 44A (Hard Wax Forever!) B3 ...Can't Feel It. B4 Mayday C1 No Way! C2 HDRTM C3 My R-Class D1 Final Experiment D2 The Traveller D3 Hello Bleep! D4 Leave Things The Final Experiment will re-release Shedding The Past and The Traveller in late November, 2017. Photo credit: Birgit Kaulfuss