Silent Season details second round of ten-year anniversary releases

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  • EPs from ASC, Antenes, Docetism, OWL and Winter In June are due out this winter.
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  • Vancouver Island ambient and dub techno label Silent Season has revealed details of the last half of its ten-year anniversary EP series. All five records will land at some point this winter on smoky grey vinyl, like the first five. Part six will come from Winter In June, an Italian artist who's released on Subsist, Shaded Explorations and ROHS!, and who'll be making his Silent Season debut, while Auxiliary boss ASC, who's previously put out a handful of albums through Jamie McCue's label, is in charge of the tenth and final 12-inch. In between will be releases from Belgium-based OWL, Polish producer Docetism of the Nichts net label and Antenes, AKA Lori Napoleon, who took part in our Playing Favourites interview series earlier this year. The first batch of anniversary EPs came courtesy of Earthen Sea, BLNDR, Mosam Howieson, Brendon Moeller and Odes Of The Kabatians (the duo of Amandra and PVNV). Silent Season also put out a Wanderwelle album a few months ago, and its next LP, from Mohlao, is due out soon. Listen to a playlist with a track from each EP in the series, and head to the Silent Season website for more information.
    Tracklist Winter In June - Eternal Lovers A1 Samariter A2 About Life And Death B1 The Party Is Elsewhere B2 Dearly Beloved OWL - Blackstone A1 Fragment A2 Solar Wind feat Hysee A3 Blowing The Light B1 Innominate Horizon B2 Blackstone Docetism - Potential Natural Vegetation A1 Dentario Enneaphyllidis - Fagetum I A2 Dentario Enneaphyllidis - Fagetum II B1 Querco - Pinetum I B2 Querco - Pinetum II Antenes - Shifting Zones A Dream Uncreates The Land B1 Take Me To The Birds (For A) B2 Metra Train, Chicago, 1000x ASC - Eccentric Orbits A1 Cerulean A2 Dimension 1010 B1 Enchanted B2 Molniya Silent Season will release Eternal Lovers, Blackstone, Potential Natural Vegetation, Shifting Zones and Eccentric Orbits this winter.