The final Drexciyan 'storm,' Lab Rat XL album Mice Or Cyborg, to be repressed by Clone

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  • James Stinson's 2003 LP is getting new life on wax in December.
  • The final Drexciyan 'storm,' Lab Rat XL album Mice Or Cyborg, to be repressed by Clone image
  • Clone Records is reissuing Mice Or Cyborg, the 2003 album from the Drexciya-related Lab Rat XL project. Mice Or Cyborg is the last of the Drexciyan storms—a series of seven albums from the legendary electro outfit that together tell the story of a mythical underwater civilization created by descendants of pregnant African women who'd been thrown off slave ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Drexciya was the duo of Gerald Donald and James Stinson, though Lab Rat XL was apparently a solo moniker for the latter. The album is made up of six wide-ranging tracks, or what were called "stages of experimentation," that never received proper titles, as Stinson died in 2002 before they could be named. Clone was behind the album's original release, and has reissued it a few times since then, though versions on wax are still hard to come by. The label is now set to put it back on clear double-vinyl with a plain black sleeve, after doing the same in 2008. It's due out in December. A couple other records from Drexciya and related projects resurfaced this year, including Drexciya's 2002 Grava 4 LP for Clone, and Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café, a 2001 full-length Stinson released through Warp using the name The Other People Place. Tracklist A Lab Rat 1 B1 Lab Rat 6 B2 Lab Rat 5 C Lab Rat 3 D1 Lab Rat 2 D2 Lab Rat 4 Clone will re-release Mice Or Cyborg in late 2017.