Craig Richards stepping down from weekly fabric slot

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  • Richards, who's held his slot at the London club since 1999, says he'll play there less frequently in 2018.
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  • Craig Richards has revealed he's stepping down from his weekly slot at London nightclub fabric, though he will remain a resident DJ. In an interview with Crack, Richards said: "I'm enjoying playing there more by playing there less, and next year I'm going to start a specific night, but I won't have a weekly residency any more." He said that the change "feels really natural," adding: "It's a bit like a relationship where you're more in love when you see each other every so often. Perhaps." A club spokesman told Resident Advisor: "Craig is still the cornerstone of the club. Throughout this year he's had a number of other commitments that have meant he's played here less often, but he is still very much our resident. Craig won't be playing for us every weekend in 2018, but we're currently working on an exciting new monthly project as part of a new chapter in his residency." Richards is synonymous with fabric—he's held a residency there since 1999. He told Crack that the brief closure of fabric last year "made me go out and play at different venues in London and around the country." He added: "I've learned my craft by a very lengthy apprenticeship at fabric, but the closure made me realise it's important to be able to transpose that to other venues big or small." This year Richards launched his own festival, Houghton, which took place back in August. Listen to Craig Richards' 2017 RA podcast.