KOMA Elektronik reveal experimental Field Kit FX modular processor

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  • It's the follow up to the Berlin company's Field Kit, released last year.
  • KOMA Elektronik reveal experimental Field Kit FX modular processor image
  • KOMA Elektronik is releasing a new processor called Field Kit FX. The new device encourages experimentation and should appeal to modular enthusiasts and other producers who want to take a sound and turn it into something totally different. Taking cues from the original Field Kit, it's built from several discrete blocks, designed to manipulate both audio and CV signals. It contains a looper, frequency shifter, bit crusher, digital delay, analogue spring reverb, a four-channel mixer, mini-sequencer and envelope generator, all of which can be controlled with CV from modular synths or external controllers. It comes in a box but can easily be mounted in Eurorack systems. KOMA has also made the source code behind the digital parts of the box open source, which allows programmers and general users to alter the nature of the effects. There is also an optional expansion pack containing a spring reverb tank, contact microphones, a delay feedback patch cable and other cables. The Field Kit FX is listed on Kickstarter but has already exceeded its initial funding goal. Early bird deals allow you to preorder from €219, while the final price should be around €249. Crowdfunding will end in November with units being shipped in March. Listen to audio examples of the Field Kit FX.
    The KOMA Elektronik Field Kit FX retails from €219 and will be shipped in approximately March, 2018.