Trevor Jackson launches two new record labels

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  • The first, Pre-, will issue old unreleased material, while the second, Post-, will focus on new music.
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  • Trevor Jackson is launching two new record labels. The first, titled Pre-, will be an outlet for the wealth of unreleased material in Jackson's archives. The first four releases—all produced by Jackson under various aliases—have already been mapped out, with LPs from Pink Lunch (Pink Lunch), Dark They Were And Golden Eyed (Design Your Dreams), From (Y.O.U.) and Skull (Black Static) hitting the shelves before the year is out. The label will continue into the new year with another run of releases before closing at some point in 2018. Once Pre- is finished, Jackson will launch Post-, "a mail-order-based, physically focused label, with no online presence, no email or telephone contact," says the press release. The music will all be new, produced either by Jackson or close associates. All other details are still TBA. "I strive to be forward-thinking and progressive with my musical selections in my DJ sets and NTS radio show, and long to be at a stage in my career where any own musical output is coherent with my current musical tastes," said Jackson. "That's very difficult to achieve with decades of unreleased music still a major part of my life." "Part of me regrets not releasing these recordings much sooner, but for a long while I'd lost confidence and perspective in what I'd been doing," he continued. "Finally releasing all this music is a huge weight of my shoulders; I'm enthralled at the thought of being able to make brand new music again without any expectations, or restrictions." Listen to Jackson's RA Exchange from 2016.
    Pre- will release Pink Lunch on November 17th, followed by Design Your Dreams on November 24th, Y.O.U on December 8th and Black Static on December 15th.
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