Dreadbox releases €140 DIY version of Hades analogue synth

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  • The kit is also compatible with Eurorack modular gear.
  • Dreadbox releases €140 DIY version of Hades analogue synth image
  • Dreadbox has released a DIY kit of the Hades synthesiser. Released in 2015, Hades is a monophonic synthesiser known for its thick, analogue tone. Now, Dreadbox has made it available as a kit for users to assemble themselves at a reduced cost €140. It can be mounted into a cardboard case or a Eurorack modular rack, and features a single VCO with variable pulse width control, a three-pole 18dB/oct state variable filter, two envelope generators and 13 patch points for connecting with modular gear. Dreadbox recommends you have basic soldering skills and an ability to identify electrical components before building the kit but an assembled version is also available for €250. Watch a promo video for the Hades DIY Kit.
    The Dreabox Hades DIY Kit is available now from €140.