New open-source virtual modular synth available for free

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  • VCV Rack features software versions of modules from Mutable Instruments and more.
  • New open-source virtual modular synth available for free image
  • An open-source virtual modular synth called VCV Rack is available to download for free. The new software, which was revealed at Illinois's Knobcon 2017 tech convention over the weekend, brings the sound and workflow of Eurorack format modular synthesis to the computer. Unlike other existing software modular systems, like Softube Modular and Native Instrument's Reaktor Blocks, VCV Rack's code is publicly available and free to download for Mac, Windows and Linux. It's currently in a beta form and features 30 modules, including versions of Mutable Instruments, Befaco and Synthesis Technology modules, some of which are directly ported from the original devices. More modules will be added in the coming weeks. Users can add modules to the virtual rack and create patches with a click of the mouse. Unlike hardware modular synths, VCV Rack treats audio and control voltage in the same way, meaning audio-rate signals can be used as modulation sources. If you have a soundcard that supports control voltage or a MIDI to CV convertor, you can connect real-world synthesisers to the VCV Rack with a forthcoming CV Interface device. Another soon to be available feature, Rack Bridge, will allow you to use the program within your DAW.