Guy Andrews back on Houndstooth with new album, Tåke

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  • The London-based producer was inspired by a trip to Norway when crafting his second solo full-length.
  • Guy Andrews back on Houndstooth with new album, Tåke image
  • Houndstooth has announced details of a new Guy Andrews album, Tåke. Tåke is the second solo LP credited to Andrews' given name, after the Houndstooth-released Our Spaces from 2015. The album, whose title is Norwegian for "fog" or "mist," grew out of a visit to Norway last year. After a canceled return flight, the London-based producer—whose sound bridges electronic and post-rock music—had some extra time to explore Bergen. "I ended walking up a small mountain and at the top was greeted by a stunning view of Norway's fjords," Andrews says. "It was such a stark contrast to where I was living at the time that it inspired me to write music that reflects the reward you get from exploring new environments." The eight-track album, which includes a pair of collaborations with German-Turkish singer and songwriter Alev Lenz, lands in late September. Andrews, who last year teamed with Masayoshi Fujita on an ambient record for Erased Tapes called Needle Six, has also made music under the names Iambic and The Moving Dawn Orchestra. Listen to Tåke tune "Fjell."
    Tracklist 01. The Clearing feat. Alev Lenz 02. Trails 03. Fjell 04. It Cannot Surface 05. Feelings feat. Alev Lenz 06. There Was Nothing You Could Have Done 07. Buried Within 08. The Clearing (Reprise) Houndstooth will release Tåke on September 22nd, 2017.