Eventide to release hybrid analogue-digital delay module

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  • The Euro DDL will be available in limited quantities in August.
  • Eventide to release hybrid analogue-digital delay module image
  • Eventide is releasing a new Eurorack delay module. The Euro DDL is a hybrid digital-analogue design bringing long delay times and high-fidelity sample rates to the modular domain. Prototypes appeared earlier this year and were displayed at the NAMM and Superbooth tech conferences in Anaheim and Berlin respectively. It's also the first modular product built by Eventide and will only be available in limited quantities. Ten seconds of delay can be captured at 192 kHz. The maximum delay time extends out to 160 seconds at 16 kHz, effectively turning the module into a looper. The signal path is designed to keep digital circuity to a minimum. Only the delay itself is digital while the lowpass filter, feedback circuit, saturator, relay bypass and gain controls are all analogue. It's also capable of using short delay times to create comb filter and flange effects. Eventide will release the Euro DDL in August, 2017 for $473.