Bastl's experimental, portable softPop analogue synth is available to preorder

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    Tue, 4 Jul 2017, 09:34
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  • The boutique company collaborated with Peter Edwards for the oddball device.
  • Bastl's experimental, portable softPop analogue synth is available to preorder image
  • Bastl Instruments' latest synth, the softPop, can now be ordered via the Noise Kitchen webstore. First revealed at the Berlin-based modular synth conference Superbooth in April and conceived with instrument designer Peter Edwards, the softPop is an experimental, chaotic device that encourages users to explore sounds in an adventurous way. Dominated by six unmarked sliders controlling a pair of heavily feedbacking oscillators, a filter and cross-modulation, the analogue circuitry generates complex, morphing sound effects but can also be used for more traditional purposes. The simple user interface and complex sound engine means softPop can be controlled by people with no synth experience and experts alike. The first oscillator can be quantised to follow scales while the second has variable wave shapes, which can be modulated. The resonant filter is available in high, low and bandpass curves. An external input can function as an envelope follower, allowing the second oscillator to track and react to the behaviour of an incoming signal. An inbuilt pattern generator can loop two patterns and a patch bay facilitates rerouting the circuitry and interacting with other modular gear. A "secret chamber" can be found on the underside and allows more advanced rewiring of the signal path. According to CDM, the softPop will ship in August. Watch a video about the softPop.
    The Bastl Instruments softPop is available to preorder now for €309. It ships in August.