Elektron releases new advanced Octatrack MKII sampler

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  • The cult favourite has had an upgrade.
  • Elektron releases new advanced Octatrack MKII sampler image
  • Elektron has updated the Octatrack sampler. Despite being more than five years old, the Swedish manufacturer's original Octatrack is still a staple in many studios and live setups, thanks to its advanced sampling and sequencing capabilities. It was, however, notoriously difficult to learn, which Elektron has countered in the new Octatrack MKII by including more dedicated buttons, reducing the need to learn combinations of button presses to access certain features. The buttons themselves appear to be lifted from the recently released Elektron Digitakt sampler, while the finish has changed from black to grey. The balanced audio inputs have more headroom and the OLED screen has been revamped for greater legibility in different levels of light. The encoders and crossfader have also been upgraded. The internal engine appears largely unchanged, offering eight tracks each of audio and MIDI, real-time sample manipulation and Elektron's unique sequencer in addition to three LFOs and two FX inserts per track. Read our review of the new Elektron Digitakt.
    The Elektron Octatrack MKII will be available for $1349 in August 2017.