Four 1970s Brian Eno albums to be reissued on vinyl

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  • Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain, Another Green World and Before And After Science will all be re-released this summer.
  • Four 1970s Brian Eno albums to be reissued on vinyl image
  • Four classic Brian Eno records from the 1970s are being reissued. The LPs—1973's Here Come The Warm Jets, 1974's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), 1975's Another Green World and 1978's Before And After Science—represent Eno's pop-oriented output after leaving Roxy Music in the early '70s. They feature some early examples of his innovative production and treatment techniques, and take influence from prog rock, glam rock, avant-garde music and other genres. Of the four, 1975's Another Green World is the most well-known, revered for its experiments with synthesizers. Guest musicians on the albums include Robert Fripp, Cluster, Phil Collins, John Cale, Robert Wyatt and Jaki Liebezeit All four records are being reissued in double-pack, 45 RPM heavyweight packages in a "deluxe limited edition gatefold." Listen to "St. Elmo's Fire," from Another Green World.
    Tracklist Here Come The Warm Jets 01. Needles In The Camel's Eye 02. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch 03. Baby's On Fire 04. Cindy Tells Me 05. Driving Me Backwards 06. On Some Faraway Beach 07. Blank Frank 08. Dead Finks Don't Talk 09. Some Of Them Are Old 10. Here Come The Warm Jets Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) 01. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More 02. Back In Judy's Jungle 03. The Fat Lady Of Limbourg 04. Mother Whale Eyeless 05. The Great Pretender 06. Third Uncle 07. Put A Straw Under Baby 08. The True Wheel 09. China My China 10. Taking Tiger Mountain Another Green World 01. Sky Saw 02. Over Fire Island 03. St. Elmo's Fire 04. In Dark Trees 05. The Big Shop 06. I'll Come Running 07. Another Green World 08. Sombre Reptiles 09. Little Fishes 10. Golden Hours 11. Becalmed 12. Zawinul/Lava 13. Everything Merges With The Night 14. Spirits Drifting Before And After Science 01. No One Receiving 02. Backwater 03. Kurt's Rejoinder 04. Energy Fools The Magician 05. King's Lead Hat 06. Here He Comes 07. Julie With ... 08. By This River 09. Through Hollow Lands 10. Spider And I Universal / Virgin EMI will release Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World and Before And After Science on August 4th, 2017.