Matthew Herbert and Underworld's Karl Hyde collaborate on new album, Fatherland

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  • The music is taken from an upcoming play of the same the name.
  • Matthew Herbert and Underworld's Karl Hyde collaborate on new album, Fatherland image
  • Matthew Herbert and Karl Hyde (of Underworld) are putting out a new album called Fatherland (Original Music From The Stage Show). Fatherland is a play written by Hyde, Simon Stephens and Scott Graham that's set to debut at the Manchester International Festival on July 1st. It focuses on "the complexities and contradictions of fatherhood" in 21st century England, according to the Underworld website. The writers toured around the towns of Corby, Stockport and Bewdley and interviewed families, using their quotes and stories for the script and the music. The album features studio versions of the play's music, recorded by Herbert and Hyde, and features excerpts from those interviews. "I invited Matthew Herbert to collaborate as I love his music and the way he thinks," Hyde syas. "He works incredibly fast–as do I. Early on, we decided we wanted to create our music from the sounds of objects that reminded us of our fathers and our childhoods." He adds: "That could be a football bouncing or a set of car keys, a whistle or the sound of a car engine purring. Anything that evoked the idea of childhood and of our fathers. All of the sounds on the record came from digging up those memories." Tracklist 01. Where You From 02. We All Hurt 03. Nothing Getting Built 04. I Get Nightmares 05. Melting Man 06. Not A Word 07. No Feeling Like It 08. This Is My Son 09. Perfect Moment 10. To The Pub 11. It Isn't Me 12. Stumble Underworld will release Fatherland (Original Music From The Stage Show) on June 30th, 2017.