Henry Saiz mixes the next Balance Presents CD

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  • The set, which celebrates his Natura Sonoris label, features unreleased material from Tuff City Kids, Eduardo De La Calle and Saiz himself.
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  • Henry Saiz is behind the next Balance Presents CD. The Spanish artist mixed Balance 19 back in 2011. Like Balance 19, which used field recordings and reel-to-reel tapes, Balance Presents has a concept of its own—it celebrates Saiz's label, Natura Sonoris, with all unreleased material. The two-CD set includes remixes by Tuff City Kids, Eduardo de la Calle and Brassica, plus plenty of tunes by Saiz and a collaboration with Petar Dundov. Balance Presents isn't the only project Saiz has on the go. Last year, he started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of a new album to take place around the world. The LP is due sometime this year. Stream a preview of the mix.
    Tracklist Disc 1 01. Henry Saiz - Lone Wolf (A Reality Medley) 02. Hal Incandenza - Contacto 03. Bufi - Bird Song 04. RIP BESTIA - African Wedding Ceremony (JMII's Sagrada Familia Remix) 05. Landikhan - Veneno Mortal (R.I.P Bestia Acid Antidote JP 8080) 06. A Friend Of Marcus - She Who Annihilates (Samples From Henry Saiz - Our Discovery) 07. Damabiah - Sur Les Genoux De L'Automne (Henry Saiz Remix) 08. Joep Mencke - Sonder 09. Tentacle - Goliath (Brassica Remix) 10. Henry Saiz - Secrets (Tuff City Kids Remix) + (Brassica Remix) 11. Marc Marzenit - The Walrus (Samples From Henry Saiz - The Nothing) 12. Victoria Rodriguez - Moon On A Bright Day 13. Brian Cid - Luminous Black (Samples From Hal Incandenza - Ventura) 14. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - The Prophetess Disc 2 01. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - The Prophetess 02. Henry Saiz - The Light (bRUNA Remix 2017 Master) 03. Sistema - Entreé (Henry Saiz Remix) 04. Henry Saiz - Rave Flute (Samples From Henry Saiz - Moonlight Wolf) 05. Petar Dundov & Henry Saiz - Infinite Promises (Samples from Henry Saiz - Sleepwalk) 06. NVSBL - Woodhouse (Henry Saiz Remix) 07. Henry Saiz - Death Drive (Eduardo De La Calle Remix) + Henry Saiz - The Pendulum (Melody From Voltaeric - Sandman) 08. Henry Saiz & Cora Novoa - Golden Dawn (Brynjolfur Dream Mix) 09. Henry Saiz - September (Samples From Marc Marzenit - Track For The End) 10. Henry Saiz - Spiricom (See You Soon) (Hal Incandenza Remix) Balance Music will release Balance Preesnts Natura Sonoris on July 14th, 2017.