Lutto Lento announces debut album, Dark Secret World

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  • It's out on Where To Now? later this month.
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  • Lutto Lento's debut album, Dark Secret World, is on the way. The Polish producer, real name Lubomir Grzelak, has been causing a stir with an unconventional take on dance music that's often loaded with samples and field recordings, reflecting a longtime interest in making tape-based sound collages. Over the past few years he's put out records on labels like FTD and Proto Sites, along with Where To Now?, the UK imprint handling the release of Dark Secret World. Where To Now? describes the album as "a deep, personal, dark and twisted tale of horror and intrigue," and says it draws on a wide range of influences, including "dancehall, jungle and American sacred hymns" as well as "Goosebumps, Caribbean magic beliefs, Rudolf Steiner and Disney's The Goddess of Spring." Listen to Grzelak's recent turn on the RA podcast.
    Tracklist 01. Strangest Dream About U 02. Crack 03. Rattlesnake 04. Dark Secret World 05. It's A Horror And It's A Wonder 06. Cheers Tears Ears 07. Gyal A Devil 08. The Living Hell 09. O.B.E.A.H. 10. Keyhalahiya 11. Weakness Where To Now? will release Dark Secret World on May 19th, 2017.
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