MFB Dominion Club compact analogue synth to retail for under €550

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    Fri, 21 Apr 2017, 15:14
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  • It packs the entire Dominion engine into a small footprint.
  • MFB Dominion Club compact analogue synth to retail for under €550 image
  • MFB presented a new synthesiser at the Superbooth expo in East Berlin. The Dominion Club takes the German manufacturer's flagship Dominion 1 as a starting point but adds extra features, drops the price considerably and introduces a compact size. Two analogue VCOs are complemented by a digital oscillator and an extra two sub oscillators. It can morph between numerous parameters, such as filter mode, oscillator waveshape and LFO waveshape. A 24db multimode filter can shift between low-, high-, bandpass and notch slopes, while ring modulation and sync is also possible. You can record real-time changes to every single parameter over eight bars with the internal sequencer, which can all be stored. A USB-MIDI interface can also be used for recording sequences. It will be available this summer and retail for only €519. MFB also introduced a Eurorack version of its Nanozwerg synth voice for €250. Watch Sonic State get a demo of the Dominion Club.
    The MFB Dominion Club will be available in summer for €519.