Jomox unveils new analogue drum machine

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    Fri, 21 Apr 2017, 15:06
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  • The Alpha Base follows on from much-loved designs like the Xbase 999.
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  • Jomox has a new drum machine on the way. The Alpha Base is the latest creation from Jürgen Michaelis' company, which has a high reputation among techno and house producers seeking powerful analogue drum sounds. The Alpha Base is a departure from the well-regarded Xbase series, featuring 11 instruments built from a new engine, which Michaelis considers to be the most powerful he's ever created. Apart from an analogue kick drum, it features a MBrane voice of two oscillators for creating complex bass, snare, tom and percussion sounds. A clutch of sample-based instruments follow, offering sounds like claps, rim shots, hats and so on. Two have analogue VCAs and a non-resonant filter, four have a resonant filter in addition to the VCA and the final two are for purely digital playback. A four-operator FM synth with a maximum of six voices is also on board. Delay and reverb are available on sends for each individual instrument and LFOs can be assigned to the pitch, filter and VCA of every instrument, too. You can upload your own samples with an SD card, with a maximum of 250 samples at 16 Bit/48kHz storeable in the internal memory. Along with a stereo output, there are eight outputs for the individual voices for external processing of each sound. Watch Sonic State take a look at the Alpha Base at Superbooth.
    The Jomox Alpha Base will be available around July for €1699.