Karen Gwyer reveals new album, Rembo

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  • The US producer's next full-length is out on Don't Be Afraid in late June.
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  • Karen Gwyer has a new album, Rembo, on the way via Don't Be Afraid. It's the London-based US artist's third LP, and the first since the 2013 releases Needs Continuum, for No Pain In Pop, and Kiki The Wormhole, for Opal Tapes. She previously brought her rough-and-tumble acid and techno to Don't Be Afraid with last year's Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase EP. This time she has produced eight tracks grouped into pairs with "call and response" titles. It'll land on double-vinyl and digital formats in late June. The album was informed by Gwyer's live shows and studio jams, and she says her aim is to "challenge a certain way of thinking" about dance music. "I do think the dance scene right now is so rigid, and I'm not really sure why producers [playing live] are seen as less desirable as DJs," she says. "Perhaps there's a prejudice that implies that DJs are more engaged with the crowd, that they can take the vibe in the room and run with it... I'd like people to shift their thinking in regards to what producers are doing, and to acknowledge the fact that there's a lot of decision-making happening on a second-by-second basis, and a lot of it is improvisational." Gwyer is booked at Don't Be Afraid events in London and Oxford in the coming days. Watch a video for "The Workers Are On Strike," made by Max Kelan Pearce.
    Tracklist A1 Why Is There A Long Line In Front Of The Factory A2 The Workers Are On Strike B1 Why Don't You Make Your Bed B2 It's Not Worth The Bother C1 Why Does Your Father Look So Nervous C2 He's Been Teaching Me To Drive D1 Did You Hear The Owls Last Night D2 Yes, But I Didn't Know They Were Owls Don't Be Afraid will release Rembo on June 30th, 2017. Photo credit: Jackie Dewe Mathews