Dax J issues statement after Tunisian court sentences him to one year in jail

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  • The UK DJ has expressed his "deepest apologies" on Facebook.
  • Dax J issues statement after Tunisian court sentences him to one year in jail image
  • A Tunisian court has sentenced Dax J to one year in jail for playing a techno remix of the Muslim call to prayer. The sentence was handed down after Dax J left the country. The UK DJ and producer was found guilty of public indecency and offending public morality after footage of him playing the track in a Nabeul club emerged on social media. The club, El Guitone, was shut down and its owner taken into custody. Charges against the owner and the promoter were dismissed. They had been arrested for "violation against good morals and public outrage against modesty," according to Nabeul governor Mnaouar Ouertani, who said that the government will "not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred." "I hold the upmost respect for all religions across the globe and I can now understand how my recent actions could have been perceived in the wrong way," Dax J said in a statement on Facebook. "We must all take time to truly respect and appreciate everybody's beliefs in this world to move forward as a global society." "I wish to express my deepest apologies to anyone who has been offended by the music that I played at the Orbit Festival in Tunisia last Friday," he added. "I am incredibly saddened that anyone would believe that I played a track, featuring a 20-second vocal of the 'Call To Prayer / Adhan,' for any reason other than its musicality and the beauty of the vocal." He also confirmed that he was back in Europe and that the conviction in Tunisia would expire after five years. Read his full statement here. Due to the sensitive nature of this story, the comments on this news piece are locked. For more information, please refer to our community guidelines.