CloudBounce launches new online mastering engine

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  • Master your tracks for under $5 per production.
  • CloudBounce launches new online mastering engine image
  • Online mastering service CloudBounce has revamped its processing engine. CloudBounce is an emerging competitor in the online mastering market, which provides customers with an algorithmic alternative to employing a human mastering engineer. Where the latter provides the musical understanding and experience of an actual engineer, services like CloudBounce and LANDR use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse and optimise your productions at a fraction of the cost and time involved in typical mastering. While algorithmic masters promise professional-grade mastering, they typically struggle to compete with human masters and cannot be used to cut vinyl. As such, they are generally geared towards cash-strapped producers looking to master demos before sending them to labels, media, etc. CloudBounce's new service allows users to have a track mastered for $4.90 or an unlimited monthly subscription for $29.90. Customers receive either 24 bit WAV or 320kps MP3 files that are permanently stored in the Cloud and can be directly shared, eliminating the need for file hosting sites like Dropbox and SoundCloud. Users select a musical genre, such as techno, ambient and drum & bass, and mastering attributes like louder, stereo width, warmer and so on. The processing can be previewed before downloading the final file. CloudBounce were included in the Abbey Road Red program, a startup incubator for the music tech industry. It was launched in January 2016 and received seed funding in January 2017.