Antinote to release compilation, Five Years Of Loving Notes

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  • Domenique Dumont, Nico Motte, Iueke and Tolouse Low Trax all feature on the double-LP out in May.
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  • Antinote will put out its first compilation at the end of May. Five Years Of Loving Notes marks five years of the French label, which started with Iueke's RA Recommended Tapes EP in 2012 and has encompassed all sorts of oddball music from the likes of Domenique Dumont, Raphael Top-Secret, Geena, Nico Motte and D.K. in the time since, all of whom appear here. In a brief interview interview with RA, label founder Zaltan, AKA Quentin Vandewalle, said that the compilation sums up the sound of the label: "A specific sound of Paris... from synth exotica to slow esoteric techno through coldwave and the sunshine." He goes on to say that Antinote was originally meant as an outpost for unreleased techno and experimental music similar to Iueke's, but Vandewalle switched the focus to the "new Parisian" scene as artists like Domenique Dumont, Leonardo Martelli and Inoue Shirabe popped up. The compilation also includes a number of new artists like Natsukashii, a project by Syracuse member Epsilove "with a good friend under a weird Japanese name," as well as the Simplists, who are a group of artists from Bordeaux, plus Israeli artist Alek Lee, who represents one of the few non-Parisian acts on the label. Read Aaron Coultate's label of the month feature on Antinote. Tracklist 01. Domenique Dumont - 371 02. Stéphane Laporte - Timbuktu 03. Raphael Top-Secret - Maurilia 04. DK - Market Session 05. Antoine Kogut & Nico Motte - Jungle Dweller 06. Inoue Shirabe - Warm & Easy 07. Nico Motte - Cap De Creus 08. Iueke - Giza 09. Tolouse Low Trax - Raut 10. Leonardo Martelli - 03 23 (Notte) 11. Geena - Metromind 12. Natsukashii - ........... 13. The Simplists - Ambiance 9 14. Alek Lee feat. Or Edry & Yovav - Plastic Antinote will release Loving Notes in May 2017.