Roll The Dice return with new album, Born To Ruin

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  • Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon's fourth LP together is due out in May.
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  • Roll The Dice are back with a new album called Born To Ruin. It's the duo's first album since 2014's Until The Silence. Since then, Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt have done some film scoring work together, though most of Mannerfelt's time has been spent establishing his solo career, including his self-titled record label. The duo say that their new record is "stripped to the bone" compared to the grander style of previous albums, "a collection of concise, sharply evocative, jazz-infused music that’s more smoky basement than orchestral hall." Born To Ruin will come out on a new label from the duo called The New Black. Tracklist 01. The Derailed 02. Under The Arches 03. Inward Spiral 04. Cannonball 05. Potters Field 06. Bright Lights, Dark Heart 07. Coffin & Nails 08. Locked Hands 09. Broken In Time The New Black will release Born To Ruin in late May 2017.