RA to host in-store at Tbilisi's Vodkast Records

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  • Ahead of our final In Residence party at Bassiani, Friday's three-hour warm-up will feature Terekke, HVL and Zurkin & Vakho.
  • RA to host in-store at Tbilisi's Vodkast Records image
  • Resident Advisor will host an in-store at Tbilisi record shop Vodkast on Friday, February 24th. The session will run from 7 PM through 10 PM at the Kiacheli Street spot, which describes itself on Facebook as "one of the first vinyl-only independent shops in Tbilisi in the post-Soviet era." It was opened in September 2015 by local artists Vakho, Zurkin and Nika J. Vakho and Zurkin will play back-to-back on Friday, joining fellow Tbilisi artist HVL and Terekke. Afterwards, HVL and Terekke will head to Bassiani for the final night of RA In Residence. Terekke will play back-to-back with Huerco S in the smaller Horoom, with HVL in support, while Joey Anderson and DJ Qu trade blows in the main space. Doors will shut at 10 AM. For more on Bassiani, including mixes from some of the residents, read Will Lynch's in-depth profile.