Tiptop Audio introduces compact modular sample player for Eurorack

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  • ONE is a low latency module retailing for under $200.
  • Tiptop Audio introduces compact modular sample player for Eurorack image
  • Tiptop Audio has a new module. ONE brings low latency playback of digital samples to the Eurorack modular format, meaning you can combine your own sounds, synthetic or otherwise, into your modular setup. It comes with an SD card slot into which banks of samples can be loaded. Created by Glitchmachines, there are a choice of cards coming from categories like "Binary Manipulated Percussive Impacts" and "Circuit-Bent Percussive Elements." Users can also load their own 16 or 24 bit mono WAV samples onto an SD card for use in ONE. Unlike some other modular samplers, ONE's Trigger Mode pulls audio direct from the SD card without extra processing, leading to transparent sound recreation and rhythmically accurate triggering (delay times are as low as 0.25ms). A single CV input can control pitch over narrow ranges for mild modulation or in quantised, 12-tone steps for creating melodic material. You can also use CV to scrub through samples on the SD card. Although it was originally designed for percussive work, ONE can also use fade in and outs to handle longer or looped material. It can also play CV signals. According to Modular Grid, it will retail for $175. Watch a demo of ONE.
    The Tiptop Audio ONE is available soon and will retail for approximately $175.