RP Boo, DJ Paypal appear on new Teklife compilation, On Life

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  • Over 20 new footwork tracks are included.
  • RP Boo, DJ Paypal appear on new Teklife compilation, On Life image
  • Teklife has released a new compilation. On Life is a 23-track digital collection of new productions from many of the footwork crew's key members. It follows full-length releases from DJ Earl and Taso, bringing together Teklife regulars and a host of new faces. The tracklist suggests that it's a collaborative affair—each track is credited to Teklife along with featured guests, including RP Boo, Traxman, DJ Taye, DJ Deeon, DJ Paypal, Taso and more. Listen to the complete compilation. 
    Tracklist 01. Teklife - L's Up For Rashad 02. Teklife - On Deck 03. Teklife feat. RP Boo - Lets Go 04. Teklife feat. Traxman - On Lyfe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05. Teklife feat. Boylan and DJ Deeon - 3 Fine Hoez 06. Teklife feat. DJ Manny and DJ Taye 07. Teklife feat. Heavee - Panic Attack 08. Teklife feat. DJ Manny, DJ Chap and DJ Phil - Dat Footwork 09. Teklife feat. DJ Taye - Nu Pacman 10. Teklife feat. DJ Big Hank and Sirr TMO - Don't Just Stand There 11. Teklife feat. Mel G and Sirr TMO - Kant Fuk Wit Us 12. Teklife feat. DJ Earl and DJ Manny - 144 13. Teklife feat. DJ Paypal - Volume 14. Teklife feat. Durban - Mercury 15. Teklife feat. A.Fruit - Took A While 16. Teklife feat. DJ Chap - Ice Cream 17. Teklife feat. DBK - Idiot 18. Teklife feat. Gant-Man - Altitude 19. Teklife feat. DJ Tre - We Gon Dance 20. Teklife feat. Taso - Step The F*ck Back 21. Teklife feat. Mel G - Just Scream 22. Teklife feat. Slick Shoota - Get U Some 23. Teklife feat. Weezy and DJ Paypal - Berlin Teklife's On Life is available now.
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