California lawmakers consider 4 AM alcohol curfew

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  • If passed, the law could dramatically alter the state's club scene.
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  • On Tuesday, California Senator Scott Weiner brought the Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night Act to the floor—proposed legislation that would allow municipalities to determine how late alcohol can be served. Weiner, a Democrat elected to serve a San Francisco district, said it was time to fix the "one-size-fits-all" approach to last call policies across the state on his Facebook page. The act would allow urban centers like San Francisco and Los Angeles to set their own alcohol curfews, which would presumably run later than quieter areas of the nation's most populous state. Under current California law, no alcohol can be served after 2 AM. A 2013 bill proposed by Weiner's predecessor, Mark Leno, failed to pass Senate muster. A 4 AM alcohol curfew in certain cities would likely mean more and better options for dance promoters as well as venue owners. Currently, the state's scene is a hodgepodge of legal nightclubs and underground events. Check out our 2016 Real Scenes LA documentary for more on the California scene.