Salford's Islington Mill could close due to noise complaint

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  • The arts and music venue is calling for public support ahead of its license review with the local council.
  • Salford's Islington Mill could close due to noise complaint image
  • Salford art and music venue Islington Mill could face closure at an upcoming licence review following a complaint from a local resident. As Manchester Evening News reports, documents submitted to the Salford council reveal that a local resident claims the venue has not acted on previous promises to reduce noise. "Residents have had several meetings over the years with Islington Mill management but they go away and on the next music night forget all they promised to do," said the resident. In response, Islington Mill is calling on people to write into the council showing support for the venue. A recent Twitter post stated: "Please help by writing to Salford City Council explaining what Islington Mill means to you and the importance of the building to the creative culture of Salford and Manchester." Submissions are due today, January 9th. Last year Islington Mill received a grant of nearly £1 million from Arts Council England, which is going towards planned renovation and refurbishment. The likes of Ben UFO and Charlatans singer Tim Burgess have come out in support of the venue, which is hosting events with the likes of The Bug, Optimo, Pariah and Alex Coulton over the coming months.
    RA has reached out to Islington Mill for further comment.