New hi-fi turntable integrates analogue and digital media

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  • The Gearbox Automatic allows you to play vinyl and stream music on a single machine.
  • New hi-fi turntable integrates analogue and digital media image
  • A new hi-fi turntable is available for funding on Kickstarter. The Gearbox Automatic was conceived by London's Gearbox record label and mastering studio. Starting at £399, the turntable aims to "make the bridge between vinyl and digital streaming" by providing quality vinyl playback and digital support via Bluetooth, an analogue-to-digital convertor and a WiFi connection built into one package. It features a vacuum tube in the phono stage of the signal chain in addition to an RIAA equalisation curve, Audio-Technica cartridge and a belt-driven platter. The turntable can also recognise tracks played on vinyl, which can then be compiled into playlists on streaming platforms. Backers will be helping Gearbox to place orders with component manufacturing companies and can expect to receive their turntables in December 2017. However, £85,000 needs to be raised by February for the campaign to succeed. Watch a Kickstarter video for the Gearbox Automatic.