Perc, Merzbow, Arca appear on Adult Swim noise compilation

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  • Prurient, Vessel and Pharmakon are also on the free-to-download album.
  • Perc, Merzbow, Arca appear on Adult Swim noise compilation image
  • Adult Swim has put together a new, free compilation of noise artists. Noise is the latest effort from the US TV network, which also puts out a series of singles from electronic artists every year. As FACT reports, this compilation was curated by Laura Sterritt, who said she approached noise "not only as common thread, but as a sub-genre within which all lines intersect." Noise features a number of the genre's most well-known names, including Merzbow and Wolf Eyes—both of whom deliver 18-minute tracks—along with Prurient and Pharmakon. Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq, Young Echo member Vessel, UK producer Perc and Arca appear as well. Listen to the whole thing.
    Tracklist 01. clipping. - Body For The Pile feat. SICKNESS 02. MELT-BANANA - Case D In The Test Tube 03. EYE - Mega Equipment For Popsicle 04. Vessel - PRIHATIN 05. Sadaf - The Clinic 06. Arca - Bussy 07. Pharmakon - Squall 08. Tanya Tagaq - Erie Changys 09. BEAST - You've Got Rabies On Your Breath! 10. Dreamcrusher - Sick World 11. Perc - Porthia 12. Noveller - Processional 13. Merzbow - For Adult 14. Prurient - Everything You Know Is Wrong 15. Hassan Khan - CASIOTONE GIGANTIJA 16. Wolf Eyes - Subterranean Life Noise is out now.