Cyclone Analogic releases TT-606 and TT-78 analogue drum machines

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    Wed, 30 Nov 2016, 13:33
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  • The products are clones of Roland's TR-606 and CR-78.
  • Cyclone Analogic releases TT-606 and TT-78 analogue drum machines image
  • Cyclone Analogic has two new analogue drum machines. The French company specialises in remodelling classic Roland gear, most notably with its Bass Bot TT-303 replica of the TB-303. The Cyclone Analogic TT-606 Drum Drone is inspired by Roland's TR-606 Drumatix but adds a clap and rim shot to its instrument set. In addition to a 1/4-inch mono output, seven 1/8-inch outs are available, facilitating external processing of individual instruments on a mixer or DAW. It can store 64 patterns and nine user tracks while accent, flam and roll can be applied on a per-step and per-instrument basis. The TT-78 Beat Bot is modelled on Roland's CR-78, which includes percussion sounds like guiro, tambourine, clave, congos and maraca. It carries the same sequencer capabilities as other Cyclone Analogic products and the individual outs of the TT-606. Watch a clip of the TT-606 Drum Drone in action.
    Watch a demo of the TT-78 Drum Bot.
    The TT-606 Drum Drone is available now while the T-78 Drum Bot is available to preorder, Both retail for $449 .